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Our Approach

I highly recommend having Terry on your side for any project management or quality management initiatives.

Chris Murray​

President at Myostat Motion Control Inc

Simplify Clarify Control 

Once processes are in control we help the organization move on to measure, monitor, manage and continually improve processes for ever greater quality, profitability and customer satisfaction using KPI's and Lean tools such as Value Stream Mapping. A well trained team who take pride in their work is both a means and an end.

An organization may choose to accomplish this by implementing ISO 9001 / 14001 / 13485.

“Myostat brought Terry on board to consult on our ISO 9001:2008 preparation and initial certification audits. The project was a great success. Everyone at Myostat appreciates the hard work, flexibility, expertise, and professional attitude that Terry brought to the team.”

Who are We?  what do we do?

                                     tcmc Quality Management Services

Terry McCann


Coming from an IT career in software design and development, Terry moved into product and process quality and compliance for eight years at GE Healthcare, working with medical devices. Taking this experience and knowledge he started tcmc QMSoffering training & consulting in quality and compliance to standards at the beginning of 2014.


assist businesses and organizations address

  • cost of waste

  • missed deadlines

  • unhappy customers

affecting profits...

by improving quality